Damex Pro League 2023 - Player Registration

Damex Pro League 2023 Player Registration is now open!

Pro League 2023

The Damex Pro League will take place in sunny Gibraltar – a British Overseas Territory situated in the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula. Gibraltar will fascinate you with its warm summer weather, sandy beaches, infused cuisine and interesting sights that are within walking distance of each other. 

What can you expect? Fast Paced matches,  high emotions, skillful athletes, cheering crowd and a week of class basketball!  Don’t miss out!

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How to Register

  1. Click "Register Now" button

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  3. Select 1 and then click "Complete Registration" button

  4. Complete the online registration form

  5. Once your Registration has been completed a member of the Damex Pro League 2023 team will be in touch.

Payment for all rewards will be done in EUR through the damex app, download it here

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If you require any assistance or are experiencing any issues whilst registering please whatsapp +350 54081694

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